Harold Von Schmidt Scans: A Parting Gift from Tak Murakami

* This week, a parting gift from Tak Murakami, a Chicago illustrator and fan of Today's Inspiration who passed away recently. Thanks to Tak's friend Jason Millet for doing the scanning of these Harold Von Schmidt tear sheets from Tak's reference files. If you'd like to see some of Tak Murakami's own work, Jason put together a very nice tribute to Tak on my other blog, Storyboard Central.

 Von Schmidt23Von Schmidt22Von Schmidt20Von Schmidt19Von Schmidt18Von Schmidt17Von Schmidt15Von Schmidt16Von Schmidt13

Von Schmidt14

Von Schmidt12

Von Schmidt11

Von Schmidt10

Von Schmidt09

Von Schmidt08

Von Schmidt07

Von Schmidt21

 * Many thanks to Jason Millet, who no doubt spent quite a lot of time scanning all of this week's images from his friend Tak Murakami's reference files. Jason wrote, "[Tak] was a great guy and in an industry that breeds loveable curmudgeons he was a loveable sweet guy-- and honestly so, through and through. We miss him."

Murakami02Rest in peace, Tak Murakami (1933-2011)

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