Happy Mother's Day! ... from Whitman's (and David Attie)

This 1951 Mother's Day ad for Whitman's was illustrated by David Attie.


I knew I'd heard that name before... but there doesn't seem to be much by Attie on the Internet - and even less about him.

I managed to locate this 1953 piece in my collection of Art Director & Studio News magazines. So at least we now know that Attie was an east coast illustrator in the early '50s, represented by the prestigious Fredman-Chaite studios.


Mitchell Hooks, Frank McCarthy and the young Bob Peak were all at FC during this same period. Perhaps they all knew each other...

Attie gets a brief mention in the one issue of the Fredman-Chaite Portfolio promotional magazine I own...


... unfortunately the promo contains no biographical info on Attie.

Finally, here's a 1956 paperback cover by Dave Attie from my friend Uilke's Flickr archives.

Berkley G 015

And for now, that's all we know about David Attie. Perhaps (hopefully) TI readers can add more!

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