The Rockwell/Leyendecker Lecture Wrap-Up

I wish I were in a position to drop everything and fly off to take in something like last Sunday's lecture at the Norman Rockwell Museum. Ah well...


But since most of us can't always attend these excellent events, at least the Internet make it possible to get a taste of them! Joyce K. Schiller, Ph.D., the curator of the Rockwell Center for American Visual Studies sent a note today summing up Dr. Jennifer Greenhill's Sunday lecture.


Joyce wrote, "Jennifer Greenhill's lecture on Sunday was terrific. The material was well-researched and the push-pull, give and take between the two artists was stimulating. With careful comparisons, it was easy to see Dr. Greenhill's premise: Leyendecker's style was rooted in its compositional elements and more decorative in nature;"


"Rockwell's was focused on telling a recognizable story for the broad American audience."


"Leyendecker's approach was clearly more in tune with the early Saturday Evening Post..."


"... and Rockwell's focused on the more contemporary American public. We had an enthusiastic audience so all in all it was an enjoyable day."


Joyce continues, "I hope that Dr. Greenhill will use the lecture presented at Norman Rockwell Museum as the foundation of a published article or even a future book on American illustration art, which is what we hope will evolve from the work done for and under the auspices of the Rockwell Center."


She concludes, "Dr. Greenhill's lecture is just the first of a yearly three-part series. These will be comprised of a lecture by a new young scholar; a lecture by a contemporary illustrator; and a lecture by an illustration blogger. Through this series, the Rockwell Center hopes to appeal to and address issues of interest to a broad sweep of people interested in and dedicated to American illustration art."

Check out The Rockwell Center and see what's happening in the field of American illustration art.

* Many thanks to Bill Wray for providing the Leyendecker scans in today's post!

The Rockwell scans in today's post are courtesy of the Norman Rockwell Museum:

"Freedom from Fear," Norman Rockwell. 1943. Oil on canvas Story illustration for The Saturday Evening Post, March 13, 1943 From the permanent collection of Norman Rockwell Museum ©1943 SEPS: Licensed by Curtis Publishing, Indianapolis, IN (S569)

"Family Tree," Norman Rockwell, 1959 Oil on canvas, 46” x 42” Cover illustration for The Saturday Evening Post, October 24, 1959 Norman Rockwell Art Collection Trust, NRACT.1973.7 ©1959 SEPS: Licensed by Curtis Publishing, Indianapolis, IN

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