Guess Who Dunnit? Part 3

More paperback cover art mysteries from David Roach

Here’s the star of my next batch of unknown covers for you. Both late 50s Corgi books, both almost certainly US reprints and both rather lovely. The Pastures Of Heaven looks exactly like Ben Stahl to me... but did he paint paperback covers? (Yes, see some examples here ~ Leif)

* Addendum: Ben Stahl confirmed here.

The other one could be one of many great '50s artists working in the shadow of James Avati, though here the quality of drawing underneath the paints is absolutely top notch.


There couldn’t be more of a contrast here! Montana Fury is gorgeous and I’d swear it was Robert McGinnis except it doesn’t appear on the list in his paperback books so I guess it could be someone like Ron Lesser instead.


Actually it’s one of those strange situations where I’m more certain of the model who in this case is obviously Steve Holland, best known as James Bama’s model for Doc Savage.

The other cover is a classic piece of sleeze but with an unusually comic-styled cover. The question is; why does he look so anguished?


This time we have 2 panther books from 59-61, both almost certainly US cover reprints...

* Addendum:  Interesting variation of this cover documented here.

... and both rather wonderful.


The Nevil Shute cover is from an early '70s series all painted by the same artist, with trademark white backgrounds. The only name that’s been suggested to me is the marine artist Chris Mayger which seems a little left – field since he rarely, if ever, painted people. I like the combination of quite bold colours with some quite rough black pencil on top.


The Matt Helm cover is one of those glorious Bond-esque montage shots with hero, villain, action and sexy girls- what’s not to like? There’s something about the painting which vaguely reminds me of Sanford Kossin - albeit it a much more tightly controlled Kossin.


* Still more mystery artists to come!

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