Mennen Maidens and Barbasol Babes

Hhmmm... gorgeous well-endowed gal in revealing low cut top leaning forward and stroking her long curvy legs while giving us a 'come hither' look and the message "Your chances... are better..."

Nope, no double entendre here!


Long before Axe discovered you could sell grooming products to men by draping delicious damsels all over your advertising, Mennen had that number. The ladies were lounging around in lingerie waiting for men with a smooooth Mennen shave!


Meanwhile, over at Barbasol they'd come up with an entirely different strategy. I don't know what they used to put in this stuff, but apparently it was something so intoxicating it knocked women on their ass...


... and dropped them to their knees at the mere thought of any guy who'd squeezed his tube that day. Barbasol tube that is.


Lest you find images like this a little risqué and manipulative, let me assure you that the ad men of the '40s and '50s absolutely did not intend to mislead in any way. They earnestly believed that showing beautiful dancing girls together in a state of semi-undress was the most sincere and effective way of describing the beneficial qualities of a men's shaving product.


These ads were conceived with only a desire to inform and educate.


About croquet, for instance.


Or popping popcorn.


Any sexual innuendo you may perceive in these ads...


... is purely a figment of your prurient 21st century imagination.

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