More Mitchell Hooks Movie Posters

I've previously written about Mitchell Hooks' movie poster career, so I won't go over it again... but I thought it might be nice to have all his posters in one place - or at least what I've been able to compile so far, since I wasn't able to find them catalogued anywhere on the Internet.

















Many thanks to Crispin Garcia of for providing the scans of Jessica, A Flea in Her Ear and, of course, The Sand Pebbles. Crispin wrote, "My initial interest in Mr. Hooks was that he is the artist who did the original artwork for The Sand Pebbles (1966)."

"His poster version was eventually replaced by one created by another great artist, Howard Terpning, only a few months later. However it is Mr. Hooks' artwork that graced the recent Varese Sarabande CD." (below)


Crispin continues, "After The Sand Pebbles was released to critical acclaim there was an Oscar buzz generated by Steve McQueen's performance in the movie. To capitalize on this (and studios being studios) they decided to more prominently feature McQueen's character on the poster plus give it more of a war-like appeal. However, the movie is not a war film (although it has that element) but a character driven drama and romance. So to me Mr. Hooks captured the essence of the film better than did the more macho look of the recommissioned poster by Mr. Terpning (although I am also a big fan of this artwork as well). I am not sure when Mr. Hooks completed his artwork for the film but it was used in advance advertising and when the movie premiered on December 20, 1966. The Terpning version was completed in February 1967. The silhouette overlay with the Chinese junk and the U.S.S. San Pablo on the Hooks movie poster was created by another famous poster artist Tom Jung."

* Thanks also to Heritage Auctions for allowing me to use their scans of the Dr. No and Fu Manchu posters.

* My Mitchell Hooks Flickr set.

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