Mike Ludlow (1921-2010)

If you've been following this blog for a long time you might remember that I've written about Mike Ludlow before. This illustration below, from an old issue of Esquire magazine, was the first scan I ever sent out to a small group of friends some ten years ago under the subject line, "Today's Inspiration."


Last week a TI list member very thoughtfully sent me this obituary notice.


Over these last few years I've had the tremendous pleasure of connecting with so many wonderful illustrators and their families. Its always been my hope that it would happen again with Mike Ludlow - the original 'inspiration' behind Today's Inspiration. I'm saddened that I missed my chance.


This week, in memory of Mike Ludlow, I'll be presenting whatever Ludlow images I still have in my collection that aren't yet in my Flickr archives.

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