James Neil Boyle: "BSWCA"

Recently my friend Daniel Zalkus sent me a scan he made from an old 1960s issue of the Saturday Evening Post. The art, by (James) Neil Boyle, is terrific! Daniel wondered if I knew anything about this artist.


As it happens, I know just a little - Boyle is listed in Walt Reed's "Illustrator in America, 1860-2000" and I had posted what I knew (not much) about Neil Boyle way back in January, 2006.

But shortly after my reply, Daniel sent a second message - surprise, surprise - he found a Neil Boyle website, complete with a gallery of Boyle's work, a biography and a photo of the artist!

I've been setting aside all the Neil Boyle artwork I've stumbled across hoping that the day would come when I had more information to present it with, and it seems that day has come. Below, two pieces by Boyle from the May 1964 issue of Cosmopolitan.


So why the acronym, "BSWCA" in the title of today's post? Seems Neil Boyle had a sense of humour as well as a flair for illustration.


From the bio on his website:

"When Neil first became interested in being a "fine artist" he noticed that the others all had some sort of initials after their signatures. So he made up his own. BSWCA is an acronym for Big Shot West Coast Artist."


This week, a look at some gems by this very talented "Big Shot West Coast Artist", James Neil Boyle.

* Many thanks to Daniel Zalkus for sharing the scan at the top of today's post - and for his detective work in locating Boyle's website!

* My James Neil Boyle Flickr set

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