Friday's Odds & Ends from Charlie Allen

By guest author Charlie Allen

I'll shoot a few more scans your way from the old ad file... and good stuff.  I already sent a nice illo of the business man and the early Bleriot plane that flew the channel.  I said something about insurance....but no, these were for Pan Am flights and shipping.  Found a few more....excellent, academic illustration....but still have no clue on the illustrator.  Not a 'typical' style that I knew.


After that, a couple of calendar illustrations for International Harvester, or now Navistar.  By Tom Hoyne.


I admired his facile confident gouache style, composition and color. When clipped, had no idea who he was.


Turns out, a famous marine oil painter....and, almost as old as I (1924).


Hoyne is dead now, but his legacy and books are still here. I've ordered a book by him from Amazon that should be a good one... and cause for a blog.

A brief preview of things to come!

Cheers... Chas.

* Many thanks, Charlie -- for saving my bacon while I was otherwise occupied this week! ~ Leif

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