Charlie Allen on Time

By guest author Charlie Allen

Another illustrative era I miss greatly....those few short years in the 70's when Time magazine had an enlightened art editor who bought bright bold illustrated covers.  Enclosed are three from the old ad file.  I wish I had saved more.

Time used top people also... and of these examples, one by Barron Storey (below), one by Paul Calle (at bottom)... not exactly shabby performers.  


The Arab theme cover also very proficiently done... don't know who.

* The signature seems to read "Roy - or Ray - Anderson" ~ Leif

In my youth Time covers were all art....very square, boring illustration.  From a stable of a few artists....but it was a very conservative age.  Post WWll I think they alternated between photography and illustration.  But it was in the 70's when they had the fine bold stuff.  


I should think Time would have records even today on the past covers... but again, maybe not. Certainly worth a blog if these can be fleshed out a bit.  

Cheers... Chas.

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