Charlie Allen's Odds and Ends

By guest author Charlie Allen

I trust you're not completely fed up with these diverse examples from the old file.  I'll persist with the pot-pourri unless I hear 'no mas' from your end.  First, I found one more Time cover, a bit earlier in years, but at least a strong painterly quality.  In fact, looks like they gave printed credit to a 'fine artist', Henry Koerner, on the cover.  Gross discrimination....credits were never offered for the far better artists I've already posted to you.  


Second, will send along a strange Barron Storey, clipped from 'Flying' magazine.  It's very inventive....the direction he and other late stars were going when the whole thing collapsed.  Then followed by a vast wasteland of TV and digital screens!


We live in strange times.  The past, my era of illustration, and that of the east, is gone, ignored, almost shunned, by today's digital youngsters.  What a shame...and how shallow can a culture be!

Forwarding three more oddities from the old file.  The two Pendleton ads I liked....and was told by someone later on they were done by an S.F. illustrator.   Late 70's I believe.  


The Cousteau Arco ad I also liked.  Very strong....can't read the signature, but nicely done.  


That's about it for today.

Cheers....  Chas.

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