Richard O. Rose: A Mid-Century Mystery

Last week frequent Today's Inspiration contributor David Roach did it again; he sprung a bunch of scans on me by another wonderful mid-century British illustrator: Richard O. Rose.


David writes, "Another illo from John Bull – with a use of perspective which reminds me of a great shot by Noel Sickles in the recent book of his art."



He continues, "... ultra clean lines and subtle pastel colours , a great artist I’ve actually seen very little by."


"I suspect that underneath it all Rose was probably inspired by Ronald Searle but he’s one of those artists it’s hard to pin down..."

"... is he a cartoonist doing straight stuff, or a straight man doing cartoons?"

David concludes, "A friend of mine thinks [Rose] might have done a few ads – which wouldn’t be a great revelation – but as for any personal details – zilch."

David and I are hoping that, as has happened so often before, by presenting Richard O. Rose on Today's Inspiration, someone from the community will step forward with additional information.

* More of Richard O. Rose's terrific illustrations - again with thanks to David Roach - tomorrow!

* Addendum to the Arnold Friberg post: Greg Newbold has done a follow-up post on Friberg, visit Greg's blog for more!

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