Lifestyle Illustrations of the '60s

By guest author David Roach

* This week, David describes how a momentous new book came about and gives us an exclusive sneak peek at its contents. - Leif

The estimable Mr. Leif Peng has very kindly allowed this week's installments of Today's Inspiration to be given over to some shameless self promotion so before we begin I want to apologise in advance for such naked hucksterism.


There is a book, you see, edited by Rian Hughes with text by myself and stuffed to its 580 pages with rather nice pictures, which we think you might just find a little bit interesting. While this blog usually stays away from the cold, hard world of commerce hopefully you will indulge us just this once. The book in question is called Lifestyle Ilustrations of the '60s...


... just released in the UK and Europe by the new publishing house Fiell, which collects together the very best story illustrations from British Women's magazines of the '60s (including such titles as Woman , Womans Own, Homes And Gardens and Womans Mirror).


Like their American counterparts the British magazines commissioned the best artists of the era including many of the top US talents and as far as I know this is the first book anywhere in the world to anthologise this most neglected area of illustration.


Or to put it another way, it is basically Today's Inspiration in one big, thick volume.


Continued tomorrow...

* Lifestyle Illustrations of the '60s is available at

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