'60s British illustration: "... a great but little known era"

Guest author David Roach concludes his description of the fabulous new book, Lifestyle Ilustrations of the '60s, just released in the UK and Europe by the new publishing house Fiell and edited by Rian Hughes
Hopefully the book will stand as a fitting tribute to a great but little known era and the artists who helped define it, but I’m all too aware of how much more there is to discover.

I was amazed when writing about the artists how difficult it was to find out anything about Lynn Buckham (below) for instance - indeed for most of the time researching his career I didn’t even know if he was even a "he"… or a "her."

There is even less information around about the Brits. Thankfully some giants of the artform such as Walter Wyles (below) are still with us.

But far too many have just disappeared from sight entirely. One of the very most talented Brits in the book is Eric Earnshaw (below) and yet to date I have been unable to find out anything at all about his life or career. It is as if he has simply vanished entirely, as if he had never been born almost.


Well, the fight back starts here.

David A Roach – July 2010


* Lifestyle Illustrations of the '60s is available at Amazon.com

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