Arnold Friberg (1913-2010)

A few people have sent me notes in the last week to let me know that Arnold Friberg had passed away. Among those who wrote was illustrator Greg Newbold. Greg actually met Friberg a couple of years ago and wrote about that encounter on his blog.

Greg wrote, "As a member of the Mormon faith, I certainly feel the loss of his great talent. As I mentioned in my post, I first saw his paintings reproduced in the Book of Mormon long before I could read the words it contained. His images defined the visual look of those scripture stories."

To be honest, until the news of Friberg's passing began to arrive, I was not familiar with this artist, so my thanks to all those who contacted me. And thanks especially to Greg, who generously provided the scans for today's post.

Be sure to visit Greg's blog to see more examples of Arnold Friberg's beautiful artwork, see some wonderful photos of the artist, and read Greg's very interesting and informative post!

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