I am happy to announce a new project I have decided to get involved in. I was contacted by HospitalSkins. They are looking for child-friendly artwork for hospitals and other uses (bedrooms, equipment, vehicles, etc.).

If any of you have any 2D or 3D artwork just laying around, not being used or some artwork from your portfolios and you would like to help out, then this is a great opportunity for both the children in the hospitals, and the artist that contribute.  Not only will you be having your artwork and your name up in lots of hospitals (free advertisement) you will receive 5% of the sales price of any item sold containing his or her artwork. Most importantly, you will be helping to create a better environment for children.

The artwork doesn't have to be just animals either, your imagination is the limit.... Robots, fun little monsters, anything and everything. There is also no limit to how many submissions you can send.

The product is a reproduction of a piece of art printed on a Vinyl Pressure-sensitive Adhesive media (“skin”) which can then be put on a hospital wall or other place. The size is flexible from small to huge and these skins can easily be applied or removed and can be reused indefinitely. Research has shown that child-friendly art in a child’s room and other hospital locations can be a positive factor in their treatment.

The examples below are just painted murals in a hospital but they show how art can make a big difference in the atmosphere of a hospital. Vinyl skins are a big improvement over murals like those below because they bring down the cost of such artwork while improving its variety, quality, flexibility and availability.

Below are some good examples of  images submitted by Pete Oswald. This enjoyable art is the type of artwork that would make a hospital environment more comforting and friendly to children.

If you would like to submit some items to be considered for use, click HERE to review the contract then print, sign and email the signed contract with your proposed art (jpeg files, 300 DPI) to hospitalskins@gmail.com

For more information you can go to their blog at

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