Robert Fawcett: "...when one invents, one is free to design."

"I rarely use models, because I don't believe that a high degree of lifelike accuracy is necessary or desirable."

"I have studies accurate drawing enough in the past so that it should be starting to pay off now."

"Besides, when one invents, one is free to design. When I am faced with models it is too easy to get the drawing cluttered up with a lot of natural but irrelevant embroidery, such as accidental wrinkles and lighting, all of which detracts from the story."

"I would like to be able to sell illustrations having the directness and economy of the best humorous drawings in the New Yorker."

- Robert Fawcett in a 1946 interview for American Artist magazine

* My Robert Fawcett Flickr set.

* Many thanks to Chuck Pyle who provided 3 of the 4 scans in this post.

* There is a show of 25 Robert Fawcett originals opening on Saturday, May 22nd at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, CA.

*ALSO* Robin Richesson sent a note to let us know that she has posted a nice large scan on her blog of a Robert Fawcett original she recently purchased - thanks Robin!

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