Parker au Natural

Al Parker was no stranger to illustrating the nude female form. He's probably my favourite illustrator from the 50's... but in my opinion his naked ladies leave something to be desired.

Where Coby Whitmore or Mike Ludlow are at their best depicting female sensuality, Parker seems incapable of idealizing the fairer sex. His interpretation always strikes me as being just a bit too firmly rooted in reality.

But maybe I'm being unfairly critical. Other artists excelled at painting women; "the kind men like". Keeping in mind that Parker's nudes appeared in women's magazines, perhaps his more realistic representation of the female form made his women more relateable for readers of those magazine.

Al Parker's take on the female body might be considered a more progressive interpretation because he did not 'glamourize' his women. Did Parker in fact excel at painting women; "the kind women like"?

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