James Hill

This week we've been looking at the American farming tradition and since Canada is part of North America, I think I can validly include this piece by one of my country's greatest 20th century illustrators; James Hill.

Its thanks to my friend, Dan Milligan, that I had the opportunity to spend a few hours over lunch one day several years ago with Jimmy Hill. Dan clearly had tremendous respect and admiration for his former teacher at The Ontario College of Art ( now OCAD ) and I'll always be grateful to him for inviting me along to experience James Hill first hand. Hill had become a legend in the Canadian graphic arts community many years earlier, not only for his tremendous talent, his success in that mecca of commercial art, New York, but also for his many antics and his fiery temper.

That day he was in great spirits, having come through a long, difficult and mostly self-inflicted dark period. Lunch was filled with laughter and light, and many outrageous anecdotes from Jimmy's long and illustrious career. I'll always remember that day with great fondness.

You can see a small sample of Hill's work in my James Hill Flickr set but I especially recommend reading the article on the artist here.

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