Who drew this?

And who drew this?

What about this? Who drew this?

And how about this? Its so great - but the identity of the artist who drew it will probably never be know. That's sad...

I love these old ads done in 50's cartoon styles. Sometimes the illustration was just a minor supporting element in an otherwise photographic ad, but still, those tiny anonymous cartoon illustrations had so much character and vitality that they deserve closer examination.

That's why I've created a Flickr set called Ads w/ Cartoon Elements. I'll be adding to it regularly so if this is your sort of thing too, you might like to go check it out (and maybe bookmark it).

BTW, I'm not alone in my love of this kind of stuff... there are other folks on Flickr who share my passion and are adding their own scans. Take a look at Mid-Century in Print, The Retro Kid, Vintage Advertising and most recently, a new group called Allan & Todd's for a pleasant trip down Memory Lane. A great way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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