War-time Love

In case you're planning on hunting down this 1944 issue of Good Housekeeping to read this whole story, I must warn you - I'm about to spoil the ending. Although you can't see it coming from Al Parker's illustration for "Call Me Biscuit", this short, sweet tale is about a lovely young lady who charms the old newshounds at the local paper with her sunny ( if somewhat dopey ) disposition. Little could they have guessed that she doesn't want to burden them with the knowledge that her beau is fighting the good fight overseas. Only after she's gone and a crumpled letter to her true love is discovered do the crusty old codgers truly come to realize how precious The Biscuit was.

Whew - I'm getting all misty.

Looking more like Al Dorne than Al Parker, the artist still manages to hint at the cleverness and experimentation he will become renowned for a decade later. Examples of that later work can be found in my Al Parker Flickr set.

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