The Business of Illustration

If you've never yet visited David Apatoff's Illustration Art blog, now is the time. New Year's is always a time of reflection and resolution, and I had the great fortune to read David's posting on Robert Heindel just the other day. Aside from seeing some incredible artwork, I was interested to read this quote from David's conversation with Heindel:

"The business of illustration is literally nonexistent today.... When Bernie Fuchs and I did what we did, it was a different world. We had to make a lot of hard decisions as things changed. Where do kids starting out today take their talent if they want to do what we did? I would say they’re fucked. There is nothing for them. They can’t follow the path that Bernie and I followed any longer. And our society is pretty unforgiving for those who make the wrong judgments."

Harsh and perhaps cynical words but valuable and thought-provoking advice, whether you are an illustrator or whatever you may have devoted your life to. Go to Illustration Art and be enlightened.

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