Another Year of TI Begins...

...with perennial favourite, Robert Fawcett. And as much as I appreciate Fawcett's work, I hardly feel qualified to speak about him. So what to do? Call an expert! David Apatoff of the Illustration Art blog generously offered to share his knowledge about Robert Fawcett with us this week. Here's what he has to say:

"Robert Fawcett was widely regarded as "the illustrator's illustrator" because his artwork was treasured by other professional illustrators and artists. His work was not nearly as popular with the general public. He did not have the broad following enjoyed by illustrators such as Norman Rockwell because his pictures weren't nearly as accessible or friendly. Yet, he received a steady stream of assignments because admiring art directors and professional artists with sophisticated taste saw something special in Fawcett's work, particularly in his drawing. Fawcett started by selling his art in a Manhattan fine art gallery, and his work was acquired by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. However, Fawcett-- a man with strong left wing political views-- was soon repulsed by the elite fine art world and turned to illustration as a more functional, legitimate art form for real people."

You can see (and download) this scan at full size from the Robert Fawcett set at my Flickr account. Click on the image and then the "All sizes" tab. Please note: I only do this as a service for Fawcett collectors and these downloads are for your personal use as educational materials. The scans should not be reprinted commercially and its not my intention to infringe on any copyrights that may exist on this material.

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