The Original Alex Ross

Good Housekeeping Dec 53
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The first time I told the group I was going to feature Alex Ross I know a few people thought I was talking about Alex Ross the comic book artist. Well before that Alex Ross there was this Alex Ross, and although he wasn't a comic book artist he did have a close association with a most famous comic strip artist: Alex Raymond.

Professor Armando Mendez, in his wonderfully comprehensive website examination of the photo-realistic newspaper comic strip, The Rules of Attraction, writes:

"One of the few real people to be mentioned by name in the strip was Raymond's friend and Cooper Studio artist Alex Ross. Tom Roberts, Raymond's biographer, told me Raymond envied Ross and his glamorous lifestyle, Ross being a nationally known illustrator who earned his considerable living concentrating on two staples of American magazines, glamour illustration and angelic children for Good Housekeeping and other magazines."

And speaking of Ross's "angelic children for Good Housekeeping", its still boggles my mind to think that Ross did over 130 covers for Good Housekeeping during a twelve year stretch in the 40's and 50's - surely some sort of record, and an enviable one ( or perhaps not ) to anyone in the illustration community.

Its ironic, isn't it? I've read plenty of interviews with comic artists from the fifties who talk about how they hid the fact that they were drawing comics because of the low opinion most folks had about that career during those times. Meanwhile mainstream magazine illustrators were known and admired by the general public and their peers.

Fifty years later the original Alex Ross is all but forgotten, magazine illustrators are unknown by the public and another Alex Ross is one of the most successful, well known and best paid commercial artists in the world - drawing comics.

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