I'm a Retro Kid!

...and proud to say so! The tireless Ward Jenkins of ward-O-matic fame has yet another side project called The Retro Kid group on Flickr. That's where Ward and his merry band of helper elves ( who go by strange but charming handles like "ticky-tacky", "grickily" and "sturdevant" ) post the images they've scanned that typify, as Ward puts it, "anything that was illustrated for kids at that time: (children's books), albums, 45's, commercials, ads, games, toys, etc."

Last week's look at Lowell Hess brought the Retro Kid into clearer focus for me so I jumped in their pool and the water's fine! If you too enjoy "that cool mid-century modern styling" then rush right over there and dive in. Especially recommended to the many cartoonists, animators and character designers on the list!

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