The Countdown Begins

I've made so many purchases on ebay over the past year that I really need to start the Today's Inspiration Countdown to Christmas early this year... so please bear with me. I'll try to keep it interesting for everybody. For starters, here's a new find by the oft-requested Harry Anderson ( 1906-1996).

Walt Reed's "Illustrator in America" tells us that Anderson was allergic to oils, so what you see here is either watercolour or gouache, which Anderson learned to blend like oils. While Anderson was a major contributor to advertising and national magazines like the Saturday Evening Post for many years, he seems to have found his calling in painting religious subjects for the latter part of his career.

A fellow who was on the TI list for a while, Jim Pinkoski, has a Harry Anderson tribute page on his website that focuses on that part of Anderson's career. Jim actually met Harry Anderson and has many photos of the artist in his studio and at his home.

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